Our Projects


Current projects, other than the “Toilet Project” as described on the home page:

Fatima Joo Welfare Foundation, Skardu, Baltistan. Pakistan. Contributing to various projects for women,

Helping Hands Welfare Association, Skardu, Baltistan, Pakistan. Contributing to various school construction projects

Sarli Sacha Village School
For the last two years, we have provided school supplies to the children of the tiny village of Sarli Sacha, which lies 3 hours by jeep north of Muzaffarabad, Azad Kashmir in the Nellum Rvier valley. Our primary goals to to build a school here.  The elevation is 6,500 feet in the Karakoram foothills. The village is virtually inaccessible in winter.

Note photos below including several from last spring, and this spring, when KFA provided accessories and uniforms to these children of Sarli Sacha. Note, there are no school sessions in the winter months because winters are harsh and there is no school building.

Azad Jammu Kashmir is northeast of Pakistan, approximately 5 hours overland drive from Islamabad. Muzaffarabad AJK, in the Nellum River valley.

Langla Village
We have another small project underway. Here is a description from my contact, Khizar Abbasis of Muzaaffarabad: “Bright Star Rehman Public School, a private institution located in Langla village where four female teachers are imparting education to over 80 children. The teachers are doing jobs is extremely hard circumstances. Three of the teacher did not get salaries for period of six months while one has not got for eight months. If we pay all for six months we will require following amount that included cost of thirty small chairs for the children. But issue of salaries is most important and urgent because of its direct link to their family’s livelihood.”

Serial No Name of Teacher  Salary months Total Salary
1 Irum Sajjad PKR 3,500 3,500X 6= 21,000
2 Shabina bibi PKR 3000 3000X 6= 18,000
3 Rusqat bibi PKR 2,500 2,500X6 = 15,000
4 Nazreen bibi PKR 2,500 2,500X 6= 15000
Total     PKR 69,000

The School needs thirty chairs to be used by children in the class rooms. The detail of cost required is as follows: 

Number of chairs Price per Item Total cost
30 400 12,000

It is my intention of covering teacher’s salaries and the cost of the chairs within the next 7 days. (I wire the money to Khizar and he pays the teachers one-by-one, taking photos and gathering receipts). Note that one hundred Pakistani Rupees equals approximately $0.85 U.S dollars, which means the teachers earn $30-$40 per month.


Existing School